Some people have predicted that link building would die but this still hasn’t happened yet. While the rules of SEO evolve over time, backlinks are still one of the most important components of website optimization campaign.

So, what are the best link building strategies to adopt to gain authority and start ranking your content on the first page of Google? Which approaches will deliver the best results in terms of reputation establishment? Opting for niche and highly specific backlink acquisition will obviously be the way to go.


Outreach  has started ranking as among the best link building strategies in the years to come. Not only will it enhance optimization efforts, guest blogging will also contribute to the creation of a reputable online brand.

The term refers to identifying authoritative websites in a respective industry or topic and suggesting partnerships. These could involve the creation of guest articles for their websites, interviews or even multimedia content. In return, the website would provide a link and a shout out as a trustworthy source.

A partnership with a niche online influencer allows one to tap into their audience, establish their position in the respective realm and get quality backlinks at the same time. Identifying influencers and authority websites have become easier than ever with tools like LinkedIn and Google Trends.

Following influencers via other social media like Twitter and Facebook can also be beneficial for establishing relationships and suggesting cooperation in the future.

Worthwhile Web Content Creation

Apart from putting together website content, SEO experts interested in an effective link building strategy can attempt to do several other things.

Online courses, slideshows, infographics, YouTube videos and free tools (a specialized calculator, for example) can all be considered worthy online assets that will generate a big number of backlinks.

Link building has become heavily dependent on quality content. Quality content refers to more than just text. It can be a freebie, an eBook, a presentation or an app that will provoke a response from a certain audience.

Relying on a big number of such online assets will result in organic link building. The quality of the content and the other web developments will be of paramount importance for getting others to make a recommendation.

Blogger Reviews

This is a wonderful technique that will give product and service companies a good number of backlinks. Companies can partner up with niche bloggers, giving them a product or a service to test and review. Bloggers will write a detailed piece about the item that they just used. The review will obviously feature a link to the company’s website.

Apart from being a great form of link building, this strategy can also contribute to online reputation establishment. Many niche bloggers are quite influential and their opinion matters among product and service users in the field. If a blogger is pleased with the option that they got to test, that writer will help for the popularization of the brand and its best assets.

Gone are the days of simple, automated and directory-based link building. Today, it requires a creative approach. A link building strategy should also be backed up by high quality content. While such campaigns are much more time-consuming and challenging, they will deliver excellent results as a company’s online presence starts gaining traction.